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Why are we your choice.
Why are we your choice.

Value proposition.

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What value do we bring to you?
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  • We offer real packaging cost savings: €/mts vs €/Kgr
  1. Free packaging audit including savings report and workflow optimization.
  2. Experience in the optimization process with more than 2500 real savings reports over the last 10 years.
  • We increase productivity in your wrapping process:
  1. Automated packaging and improved wrapping quality.
  2. Increased shipping capacity.
  3. Improved working conditions
  4. Ergonomics and reduction of sick leave.
  • No investment:
  1. Transfer of wrapping machines without investment or fees.
  2. Maintenance and parts included
  3. Payment for film consumption: variability of fixed costs.
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  • We reduce film waste
  • We reduce waste by 50% on average
  • Reduction of film consumption in Kg of film on average 67%.
  • Reduction of the consumption of Kg of cardboard on the roll by an average of 85%.
  • For each kg of optimized film, we eliminate 1.6 kg of CO2.
  • We offer a new range of sustainable products.
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  • Private Area: Web Client
  • 24/7 control and knowledge of all your relevant data: economic, productive, technical and administrative.
  • Information and data beyond your ERP for decision making.
How do we work?
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  • Range of wrapping machines and film: customized projects.
  • Film deliveries in 24/48h in Spain and Portugal. France 72/96 hours.
  • On-site technical assistance in 24 hours, maximum 48 hours.
  • Immediate assistance with our manager to reduce downtime.
  • Multilingual telephone technical assistance (Spanish, English, French and German).
  • Preventive maintenance and assistance plan.
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  • Continuous implementation of innovative improvements in wrapping machines and film.
  • Adaptation of wrappers and film to evolving customer needs.
Why are we your choice?
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  • With 30 years of experience and more than 1.900 wrapping machines in the market, we are pioneers in industrial packaging services.
  • More than 95% of our customers, leaders in each sector, recommend our services in the end-of-line wrapping process.
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  • We are manufacturers of wrapping machines with our own patents, offering our own state-of-the-art film processing technology.
  • Unique and exclusive Aranco wrapping machines.
  • Maintenance model with remote assistance.
  • Information and control system: Web Client.
  • 3D Simulator: showing real scenarios.
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  • Customized proposal for optimization and savings in wrapping processes.
  • Demo: Trial period with stretch wrappers provided by Aranco.
  • Follow-up reports.

Sustainability Report 2022.


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