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Discover the new and innovative Autonomous AGV-Wrapping Machine, pallet wrapping machine with AGV technology.

From Aranco, as a leading innovator in the integral stretch wrapping service, we launch the new Autonomous AGV-Wrapping Machine. A state-of-the-art connected pallet wrapper that contains an automatic guided vehicle (AGV), which means offering two machines in one.

An innovative product and a fully autonomous machine,with which Aranco wants to respond to the needs of the baling market in the search for new solutions that streamline and get the most out of the end-of-line processes.

This is another reflection of our effort and commitment to offer more innovative products and better solutions to our partners.


What is AGV technology?

An AGV is an automatic guided vehicle, which means that it moves without a driver. Thanks to this, the pallet wrapping machine acts completely autonomously.

The novelty of this new product is that you will have at your disposal two machines in one, on the one hand, the benefits of an advanced and connected wrapping machine and on the other hand, the fact that it moves autonomously, without the need of a driver.

In fact, AGV technology is increasingly present in many industries, as it provides numerous benefits such as traceability, lower risk of accidents, greater occupational safety, or complementarity with other types of machines, as in the case of the wrapping machine.

With this new product we add to our wrapping machines all the advantages of AGV technology to offer you a new, innovative machine that facilitates even more the work of final wrapping,with all that this means for the industry in terms of cost savings and productivity.

What are the features of the new Autonomous AGV-Wrapping Machine?

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As mentioned above, this new machine is a further step in the digital transformation of the end-of-line.This increased digitization and automation leads to more productivity.

Thanks to this, with the use of our new pallet wrapper, you will be able to save on the cost per pallet, but also, in stops, making it more productive.

The new Autonomous AGV-Wrapping Machine has an AGV navigation, where it performs the pallet wrapping in a 100% autonomous way. It also performs film cutting and sealing automatically at the end of wrapping and can wrap up to 17kg of reel, providing greater autonomy and increasing wrapping productivity.

Our machine is equipped with a Siemens touch screen control , with which you can program numerous cycles and choose between different wrapping options.

In addition, you have a mobile app, with which you can receive real-time dataas well as any safety warnings and notifications, which means more control and less machine downtime.

Like all our pallet wrappers and automatic installations, it is manufactured by us in Spain.  

Another of its benefits is that it has connectivity up to 5G and is equipped with artificial intelligence.

This machine has offline access to data, as it has offline memory. This means that the wrapping machine collects and stores data on our Client Web, a private space where relevant information is displayed, without the need for internet.

In our Client webyou can see the cost per pallet, the meters of film used, the location of each pallet in the warehouse or the number of pallets wrapped per wrapper, among many other essential data for business decision making.

It has an RFID system that always allows you to can and identify the reels to be able to control the cost/pallet or cost/stock.

It also offers a maximum-security system, since it has 3 laser devices that allow it to avoid knocks and entrapment. In this way, work safety is prioritized, avoiding possible accidents, and minimizing sick leave.

And finally, as part of our commitment to sustainability, this new Autonomous AGV-Wrapping Machine is designed with less plastic in its structure and uses parts manufactured in 3D printing from recycled plastic.

Therefore, we offer a new and innovative product that will help you to increase the productivity, safety, automation, profitability and sustainability of your end-of-line.

Discover the Sie+ service and get the Autonomous AGV-Wrapping Machine at 0 cost

Our Sie+ service allows you to have this innovative pallet wrapper in your facilities without investment, at 0 cost.

As its name indicates, Sie+ is an Integral Wrapping Service, thanks to which, we give you our wrapping machines without investment or fees, only paying for the film you consume.

This comprehensive service allows you to enjoy our innovative wrapping machines, including the Autonomous AGV-Wrapping Machine, at no cost, but also includes maintenance, repairs, and technical assistance-, as well as Client web, to obtain real-time data.

In addition, our stretch wrappers are designed to apply only the stretch film needed for optimal pallet wrapping with quality, safety, savings, and efficiency criteria.

With the high-performance stretch film , we supply to our customers, we guarantee a substantial reduction in film usage and an average waste reduction of 50%.

A comprehensive service with which you get to have at your fingertips the latest technology to improve the productivity of your end of line, while reducing costs.

Contact our team to discover all the services we offer for your business and our specialists will provide you with the solution that best suits your needs.

Aranco wrapping machines will help you achieve greater profitability and efficiency thanks to the innovation and technology applied to the end of line.

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