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EcoFilm, eco-friendly and cost-effective stretch film for your business

Having a suitable high-end stretch wrapper for the end of line is essential, but so is the quality of the film with which you wrap the pallet.

Much of the success of good packaging and cost/pallet savings depends on this. Of course, the stretch film has to be high-performance and now also environmentally friendly.

At Aranco we have developed a new stretch film with our main European partner, a reflection of our constant effort in innovation and commitment to sustainability, called EcoFilm, a stretch film for pallet packaging that incorporates a percentage of recycled raw material.

Here we tell you about its characteristics and the great benefits it brings.

What is EcoFilm and what makes it so innovative?

EcoFilm is a high performance stretch film for pallet packaging. What makes it innovative is that it is made from recycled raw materials, i.e. used stretch film.

On one hand, EcoFilm has up to 51% of recycled raw material type PCR (Post-Consumer Reycled: film collected after market use and recycled), and on the other hand, a small percentage of recycled raw material type PIR (Post-Industrial Recycled: scraps, waste and residues of film that have not reached the market but are also introduced in the recycling process).

In this way, the total percentage of recycled raw material can be as high as 60%. (PCR + PIR), the rest being virgin raw material (not recycled).

In general, all conventional stretch films (virgin LLDPE polyethylene) are 100% recyclable, so once used in packaging processes, their remnants can be collected and used to make recycled films such as our EcoFilm.

Our EcoFilm is also 100% recyclable once used by our customers. With this reuse of waste, whether conventional 100% virgin film or recycled film, we promote circularity and reduce our carbon footprint, helping the environment and in line with Spanish and European laws and regulations, which are increasingly demanding in environmental matters.

Therefore, this new product is one of the safest, most efficient, sustainable and cost-effective options for pallet stretch wrapping.

Environmental benefits and advantages

Our new EcoFilm, by containing a high percentage of recycled raw material, brings a number of environmental benefits :

  • Reduces the use of virgin petroleum-derived feedstock. In fact, in the manufacture of EcoFilm, up to 60% comes from material already in use.
  • Reduces the carbon footprint of its manufacture. Producing 1 kg of conventional film releases 2.3 kg of CO2, whereas producing 1 kg of EcoFilm (60% recycled) releases only 1.6 kg. Thanks to this reduced carbon footprint, fewer emissions are produced, reducing the effect of global warming.
  • Promotes waste reuse, as the waste generated from conventional stretch film becomes raw material for the manufacture of EcoFilm. This process favours the circularity of resources and their use.
  • Reduces the amount of film applied. Like all the high-performance films we develop, EcoFilm is also a thin film (approx. 7 microns), so the amount of film applied to the pallets is smaller, and waste generation is significantly lower.

Business benefits and advantages

But the benefits are not only for the environment: they are also good for your company, because EcoFilm is economically profitable.

To understand this impact, it is essential to understand the new Waste Law and how it affects stretch films.

In 2022 Spain has approved the new Waste and Contaminated Soil Act for a Circular Economy. This law provides for the creation of a new tax on single-use plastics, which will enter into force soon.

The law aims to boost the circular economy, reduce waste generation and improve waste management. The tax will be levied at €0.45 per kilo of non-recycled single-use plastic.

Our new EcoFilm will be partially exempt from waste tax as it is made of up to 60% recycled material. As a result, it generates a cost reduction that makes your company more competitive, giving you the same quality and performance for your packaging but at a lower cost.

The use of this environmentally friendly stretch film and our high-end stretch wrappers manufactured by us in Spain with durability, reliability and ergonomics criteria, help your company to align its end-of-line with sustainability and circular economy.

Making your organisation's baling processes more sustainable, which attracts potential customers who value environmental care.

Aranco's commitment to sustainability

At Aranco we have been working for more than 10 years to develop more sustainable, high quality stretch films. This motivation has led to EcoFilm, a high performance, low micron stretch film that is 100% recyclable with up to 60% recycled raw material.

For us, sustainability is not accessory, it is part of our DNA as a company, being one of the three strategic axes on which our activity is based: people, our customers and a sustainable way of doing things.

Our goal is to transform the industrial packaging sector making it more productive, but also generating a positive impact on our environment. For this reason, our products, services and management model are aligned with the needs of the market and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The EcoFilm is a sustainable alternative that meets the present and future packaging needs of many industrial sectors (distribution, food, logistics, etc.).

You can get it together with our wrapping machines with the Sie+ Service(Integral Wrapping Service). Thanks to it, you reduce costs and increase the productivity of end-of-line processes, without investment.

Learn more about our Sie+ service

Our Sie+ service includes the supply of stretch film and wrapping machines at zero cost, manufactured by us in Spain. In addition, the service also includes maintenance and technical assistance and access to your space on the Client Web, an online tool with all the relevant data on the wrapping process, invoicing, manuals, certificates, news, etc. You only pay for the film you consume.

With the Sie+ service, you choose which film you want to use: 100% virgin high-performance film or our new EcoFilm with up to 60% recycled raw material.

Contact our team to know more about our Sie+ service or the new EcoFilm.

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