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High-performance stretch films: advantages for your company

To save costs and achieve safe and more sustainable stretch wrapping, you need to use quality, low-micron stretch films that offer high performance.

At Aranco we offer you our high-performance, low-micron stretch films, which will improve the quality of your packaging and help you reduce consumption and waste generation while saving costs.

In this article we tell you the advantages and benefits of using our high performance films and why they form the perfect tandem with our Aranco stretch wrappers or with your own machines.

A product made in Europe with the leaders in the industry

Aranco's low micron, high performance stretch films are the result of years of research and development in collaboration with our partners, European leaders in the stretch film industry.

Our commitment to quality and innovation and our work with Europe's leading industry experts have enabled us to develop a premium low micron product that meets the highest standards of quality and efficiency and has been surprising our customers for years with its efficiency, stretchability, quality and sustainability.

More quality, more savings, less film consumption

Our stretch film is characterized by its exceptional strength and ability to maintain the integrity of the load during transport and storage, thanks to the technology used.

With a surprising thickness of only 6 microns (compared to the 15-17 microns common in other stretch films on the market), our films offer great performance that makes the difference in your end-of-line.

Thanks to our films, you will increase the quality of your stretch wrapping and reduce plastic consumption, so you will save on direct costs and generate less waste.

Less waste: better for the environment

Using our high-performance, low-micron films is better for the environment. Reduced film thickness means less film consumption, so you'll use less plastic on each pallet.

In addition, our films and wrapping machines help you reduce waste generation. Our customers have been able to reduce their film waste by an average of 50%.

All our films are recyclable, so waste and scrap can be returned to the PCR film manufacturing cycle, reducing waste to landfill.

With Aranco's high performance stretch films you will be taking a decisive step towards sustainability, reducing your carbon footprint and contributing to the preservation of the environment.

In short, because of their ability to provide higher quality stretch wrapping, minimize waste and contribute to sustainability, our high performance stretch films are the perfect choice for companies looking to reduce costs, improve operational efficiency and reduce their environmental impact.

Interested in learning more? Contact our specialists: https://www.aranco.com/en/contact

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