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Benefits of industrial packaging automation

In this article we want to talk to you about why you should automize your packaging process and how you can do it without investment.

What are the benefits of automation?

If you are thinking about automating your packaging or wrapping process, but still have doubts, we explain some of the main advantages of doing so.

Increased productivity and efficiency

Automating packaging in your business brings efficiency. By using automatic wrapping machines at the end of the line, you reduce time and costs compared to manual work.

With this, you will be able to to work baling faster, safer and more efficiently, being able to produce more in less time, with lower costs and higher quality and productivity.

Our semi-automatic stretch wrappers, such as the ME 2200, can wrap up to 40 pallets per hour of any type of load, including unstable pallets, picking pallets, pallets with different heights, etc.

Precision and uniformity in stretch wrapping

In addition, compared to manual wrapping, automation will also allow you to minimize errors n the process, ensuring precision and consistency in the quality of the wrapping.

When we use automatic and semi-automatic stretch wrappers to wrap a pallet, the precision is greater than when it is done manually, thanks to the technology of the wrappers, which are capable of following specific parameters to achieve a higher quality of wrapping, at a lower cost and in less time.

Film savings and less waste

Automation also ensures you save film, as there is less waste and shrinkage in the wrapping process.

The automated industrial packaging process allows parameters to be set and production defects to be automatically detected, as the wrappers are set up to act with precision and minimise process faults.

Thanks to this and the fact that there is no film handling, waste of packaging materials and consumables involved in the process is reduced and minimised.

Our high-tech connected strech wrappers are able to apply the right amount of stretch film according to the characteristics and typology of each pallet.

Fewer injuries and more safety and ergonomics for operators

Automating your end-of-line will also allow you to minimise the risk of injuries riesgo de lesiones that can result from manual stretch wrapping.

In addition, our automatic and semi-automatic stretch wrappers incorporate numerous safety and ergonomic devices and measures that minimise the risk of injury during use, such as a presence detection laser that stops the machine in the event of intrusion, padded bumper, automatic film cutting and sealing devices, etc.

Ahorro de coste palet

Automation in your industrial packaging process helps you reduce the cost of wrapping your business by offering greater speed and efficiency, reducing the cost/pallet.

With automated wrapping, pallets can be handled quickly and efficiently, reducing the manual labour required. All of this also offers us lower costs due to damage from improper packaging associated with human error.

Automatiza tu embalaje sin inversión

As you have seen, there are numerous advantages to automating your industrial packaging processes compared to manual wrappingIt offers greater productivity, efficiency, cost savings, reduced film and product breakage and waste, and even lower consumption of packaging materials.

For this reason, at Aranco we offer you semi-automatic wrapping machines and automatic installations with which you can automate your end of line and benefit from all these advantages. But, in addition, thanks to our Sie+ service we offer you the wrapping machines you need so that you can automate your wrapping without investment or fees, at cost 0, paying only for the film you use.

Our Sie+ service includes, at no additional cost, maintenance and technical assistance for our wrapping machines and the access to the Client Web, an online tool with relevant data on the customer's wrapping processes that you can access from any device.

Contact our team to solve all your doubts, we will be happy to offer you a free consultancy to develop a customised proposal for your business.

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