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Benefits of digitising your end-of-line pallet packaging


How much control do you have over your pallet wrapping process? Do you know how each machine is doing? The number of pallets wrapped per wrapper? How can you get more out of it and increase your wrapping productivity with your own machines?

If you can't answer these questions, but would like to have this data, it's time to digitise your baling process.We tell you why, what benefits it has for your business and how to achieve it without investment.

Digitising your end-of-line (with your own stretch wrappers) means using technology to improve and control your pallet wrapping processes, which translates into greater efficiency, control and cost savings.

Without digitising your baling process, you are missing the opportunity to obtain data that will help you be more competitive and improve your decision making.

Digitising your wrapping process is easy. Either with our connected pallet stretch wrappers or with your own machines, with our Sod+ service we can take this data easily for you. Here's how we explain it to you.

What are the benefits of digitising your end-of-line?

As we have seen, data is a very powerful tool for your business en général. En fait, nous les utilisons dans la plupart des processus afin de tirer des conclusions, de prendre des décisions et d'améliorer ce qui ne fonctionne pas bien.

Why not also use it in our end-of-line? It is the last process of our business, but a key part that also has room for improvement.

We can only improve what we can measure. It is the data that will allow us to draw conclusions about our productivity and the results of our baling process.

The benefits of digitalisation:

  1. More efficiency: digitising your pallet wrapping proccess helps you to improve the efficiency of your supply chain, which translates into reduced costs and improved productivity. For example, by analysing the data you can see how to reduce times by detecting errors in the packaging.
  2. Reduce cost/pallet:by being able to control cost/pallet you can include changes that help reduce it and ultimately improve the productivity and performance of your end-of-line.
  3. Act preventively: by having the machines connected we can anticipate breakdowns by having a preventive and predictive plan. By anticipating maintenance, we avoid downtime.
  4. Detect the origin of errors: lorsque la fin de la ligne n'est pas digitalisée et qu'il y a une erreur, que quelque chose est endommagé (film ou machine), il est difficile de déterminer d'où vient le défaut et, pire encore, de le corriger pour éviter la panne (et si vous avez plusieurs fournisseurs, c'est encore plus complexe). En digitalisant le processus, nous pouvons déterminer exactement où se produit l'erreur et la corriger de manière rapide et fiable.
  5. Transparency: thanks to the data we can determine which machines are being most productive. In addition, we can compare the different wrapping areas in the workplace. In this way we can see what is working best and replicate it in the different areas.
  6. Reduction of wastage: by gaining in efficiency, the wastage of the packaging process is reduced, which means a saving in film and its cost.

As you can see, digitising your wrapping process can bring numerous benefits to you and your business, above all, control, which means you can use this data to modify anything that is not working and improve your end-of-line and, ultimately, the profitability and efficiency of your business.

Digitise your end-of-line without investment with Aranco

Aranco offers you the Optimisation and Data Service (Sod) with which you can digitise your end of line.

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This service is designed for those companies that are looking to digitise their wrapping and already have their own wrapping machines. In order to obtain the data, it is only necessary to place a device on your machines.

With this service, you get all the benefits of digitisation. You onlypay for the film you consume , which, thanks to digitalisation, will be considerably reduced, both in terms of use and waste.

Thanks to the Sod service, you will be able to improve and optimise your pallet wrapping process with a a leading supplier in packaging digitisation, unique and integral, as at Aranco we can offer you everything you need for your end of line (machines, film, data and maintenance).

So, if you have already automated your wrapping process with automatic or semi-automatic machines, now you only have to take the step to digitisation to obtain data from that process.

Contact our team for a free demo to see what data can offer you to improve the profitability and productivity of your business: https://www.aranco.com/en/contact/




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